A Summer of Clarity

If there is one word I hope will describe the next months at LIFT it is: CLARITY. A summer of clarity. (Listening to Jimmy Eat World? Anyone?) My hope and prayer is that this clarity will be in three distinct areas.

The Vision Night on Thursday May 26th will be a deep dive on this

1) Theological

LIFT Church is not an abstract social entity. We are not a body of people that follow the shifting sands of culture nor do we self-determine what is true. Our hope has been and always will be in the person of Jesus and in seeking to follow him in every facet of our lives. This informs what we believe about absolutely everything.

Over the coming months we will work towards developing clearer ideas of what exactly it means to be a disciple. We will be focussing our preaching specifically to increase clarity of core theological concepts. Not just theology but how that theology manifestly changes the way we live, play, eat, work and relate to others. The goal is to see our church move into a deeper and more meaningful understanding of how the Gospel is embodied in every facet of our lies.

This is why we are starting with 4 weeks on relationships at Mac and some time on Kingdom Language at Brock. Having Biblical clarity around the nature and purpose of relationships will dictate much of the course of our future. We will follow this series up by spending time in the epistles looking at the issues of clarity Paul, and others, sought to bring to the church. The retreat will have substantial time devoted to answering questions and giving practical leadership tools.

2) Missional Empowerment

As a church we have always been about seeing the Gospel-call on people’s lives expressed and worked out. We are all are called to be a part of announcing the glorious Kingdom of Jesus. We will always be about building platforms for those in our church to do exactly that.

This missional mandate has never lacked clarity at LIFT. That said, we will continue to innovate and bring clarity as to how this mandate is expressed. How do we empower hundreds of people to live and walk in the missional call on their lives? How do we do that as a church in transition and what does it look like with community of believers spread all over the world?

This is not just about the current church but also about empowering alumni and our Vision Forward supporters to join the mission that we are on in announcing Jesus’ goodness to the world.

3) Organizational Structure

As we have been transitioning from a single-site/single-service church into a multi-site/multi-service church there have been some challenges and road bumps. These were expected. Over the coming months we will be working to bring clarity to how the church is structured and lead. What does it mean to be multi-site from a leadership stand point? What does it mean to be a theological-equipped and missionally-empowered community that seeks to reach university campuses and the cities of Canada?

This will result in restructuring of our teams, re-assigning of roles and refinement of responsibilities. It will mean that our hands need to be open as our specific functions in the church shift and change as we release what we hold and allow greater things to be placed into our hands.

With a foundation firmly on Jesus and our vision firmly on reaching more people for Jesus we will move forward into a bright and glorious future that Jesus has for us. This is not about any one of us but about the one who died for all of us.

But you must remain faithful to the things you have been taught. You know they are true, for you know you can trust those who taught you. You have been taught the holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus. 

2 Timothy 3:14