In the beginning was God.

We believe in God, who is love and is the creator and sustainer of all things. He exists in perfect harmony as three person-in-one (we call it the Trinity). The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: a perfect, loving, and glorious relationship. Distinct among his creation, God made …

You and I.

We believe that we were created for relationship with God, to love and know him, each other, and ourselves. In our pursuit of this, we were meant to be creative and adventurous. However, we decided that we were better off, and we…

Rejected God – and became alone.

We believe that we have rejected relationship with God and as a result are separated from Him and have broken relationship with each other and the world around us. The Scriptures call this sin, and within ourselves, there is no solution.  Thankfully…

However, we were given a promise,

We believe that God began a redemption process of restoring relationship. This was documented in what Christians call the Old Testament and still speaks to us today. This culminated in, and guaranteed us….

Of a solution – JESUS.

We believe Jesus was the complete, perfect and ultimately the only answer. As God himself, he lived roughly 2000 years ago to reveal the character of God, died so that we could be forgiven, and was resurrected to life to forever conquer sin, death and the spiritual enemies of this world. Because of this…

We can respond,

We believe that to live in relationship with God, we need to acknowledge our living apart from God, and put faith in Jesus. When we do so we are forgiven of our sin, brought back into relationship with God, and are filled with the Holy Spirit. This is called the Gospel – the Good News. To mark this we are baptized in water, declaring that we now live for Jesus and to help others experience Him…

And be the Church

We believe that Church exists so that others could know the hope of Jesus. To help make this happen, Jesus gave supernatural ability to the Church as we carry out his mission. We will continue this mission until…

Until He Returns.

We believe that Jesus will return to bring final justice. There will be a new heaven and earth where those that have put their faith in Jesus will enjoy him forever and those that have not will be forever separated from Him.

We believe the Bible teaches these things.

We believe the Bible teaches these things. It is accurate and authoritative in our lives. We read it often to better know God and his direction for our lives.

If you have questions about what we believe or why we believe then please be in touch.

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