Alumni Update: Church Life

2017 Recap

God truly provided over the past year. From the first LIFT conference and our 10th birthday party service to fall kick-off to Christmas, it’s incredible to look back and see how God has worked through the lives of so many people within our church and throughout the city. Over 20 people committed their lives to Jesus through baptism this past year and there were salvations happening out of Serve Our City initiatives. We had the opportunity to invite thousands of people to church this fall at Brock and McMaster. Some of those invitations have led to people coming out to church and growing in a community within the church.

Serve Our City

In mid-December, we had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with the two communities we serve in Hamilton. As a church, we were able to love on these communities in December gifts, toys, and hygiene items. It is a privilege to walk through life with them and show them the love of Jesus.

LIFT Conference

The second annual LIFT Conference is happening on January 20. The theme of the conference this year is “FOCUS”. The objective is to equip people to keep their love of Jesus in sharp focus no matter the season, situation, or circumstance. We are covering a diverse range of subjects that are aimed at bringing clarity in the midst of the sometimes competing worlds of church, education, science, and arts. Content that is communicated in the context of a very real encounter with the presence of the Holy Spirit. You can find more information and register here!