Ministry Apprenticeship

The LIFT Church Apprenticeship Program is an 1 year intensive, innovative and challenging ministry development experience with the dual purpose of training ministry leaders for leadership in the local church and seeing church planters developed.

The Apprenticeship Program combines intentional training and education from ministry experts with real hands-on experience developing new ministries! Read more about the format…


In the career-driven, frantic pace of culture that says to place personal ambition and success as the primary priorities the apprenticeship stands as a call to slow down and create space to explore how the Holy Spirit may be directing your future and the ways in which you can’t just be a passive part of the church but actively commit to expanding the Kingdom of Jesus. It’s an opportunity to commit not just 1 year but the trajectory of your life towards the furthering of Jesus’ Kingdom.

The Christian walk is one where our experience, knowledge and service of God work in unison together for the of maximum impact for His Kingdom. The Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity to expand your experience, knowledge and practical understanding of how to facilitate ministry in the context of the local church.

In order to facilitate personal growth and Kingdom impact the apprenticeship includes the following dimensions:

  1. Course work and reading alongside other missional church leaders and lead by world-class professors and pastors from the broader church network.
  2. Mentorship by LIFT Church Team Members.
  3. Practical self-directed ministry involving investment into an area of ministry, of your choosing, and the opportunity to stretch yourself by developing a vision and executing that vision.
  4. Exposure to many dimensions of church leadership including:
    1. Strategy development
    2. Theological formation
    3. Developing Leaders
    4. Administration & Finances
    5. Fundraising
For many the exact nature of how they see themselves fitting into the church is unclear. The church is diverse in both its opportunities and its needs. As a result the Apprenticeship Program provides an excellent opportunity to explore different aspects of ministry and have your horizons broadened as to the role you may play in the church long-term. 
Finally, the Apprenticeship Program is not just about formation and spiritual growth it is ultimately bout making a very real impact. The opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of Jesus is tremendous and the Apprenticeship Program provides the context to, in a very concrete way, expand, develop and further the Kingdom of Jesus in the context of a local church that is serious about seeing people come to know him.

Apprenticeship Format Application 

Applications are due: October 31st 2017

Why Does LIFT Church Need Apprentices?

This vision of LIFT Church is to see fully realized churches established on university campuses  across the country and thereby see our cities transformed. Fully realized churches require fully realized leaders. We need leaders that are equipped, trained and competent for ministry – both spiritually and practically. In order to see the vision realized we need leaders who are uniquely equipped to see churches realized on our campuses – uniquely trained for the demands, expectations and opportunities they present.

But make no mistake this is not about LIFT Church – it’s about seeing the Church established to see people know Jesus!

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