Apprenticeship Format


The Apprenticeship Program is a 1 year, full-time ministry appointment. It will include focused application and practice in real-world ministry while supplementing that practice with a healthy amount of training and equipping. The ministry expressions will be with the purpose of pioneering and experimenting in ministry. The Apprenticeships are not designed to sustain the status-quo but to be akin to the R&D department of the church.

There are two primary streams for the Apprenticeship Program. One designed to equip, train and release an individual for ministry in the context of an established LIFT Church. The second stream is designed for those that desire to plant a LIFT Church location in the future.

The emphasis of the Ministry Stream is specifically for those that are interested in new, creative or focused expressions of ministry within the church. The sky is really the limit here but the objective is to see the apprentices efforts integrated into an existing LIFT site. This may be ministry to reach a focused group, an emphasis on discipleship, creative arts or another area.

The stream is designed for those that desire to explore the possibilities around ministry engagement in their life.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship the ministry stream candidate may continue to explore future involvement in ministry or continuing to a new venture. The apprenticeship is designed to be a platform for a lifetime of ministry.

The Planting Stream is designed to specifically equip, train and begin the process of seeing a new leader launch a new LIFT Church location. You may have the theory around Church planting – this is about equipping leaders to plant a new LIFT Church site.

This will involve learning to understand the LIFT Church DNA, integrating into an existing site to see how things run and gain insights to common planting challenges. In parallel the planting stream individual will be working to assemble a team, location and logistics around launching new LIFT Church site.

This will involve gaining insights end-to-end on the operation of a LIFT Church site including preaching, administration, logistics, Simple Church leadership, Serve Our City leadership and more broadly discipleship and evangelism strategies.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship the planting stream candidate would continue to see a new LIFT Church site planted.

This is not a “internship role” but a serious commitment to seeing churches planted.


Beyond a set of practical experiences the Apprentices will participate in a formal education process to broaden their theological understanding as well as their view on to the broader ministry world.

Lead by experienced practitioners the training component is designed to serve as “on the job training”. The primary themes to be explored are: (a) discipleship (b) our culture (c) the Gospel (d) personal identity and soul care and (e) vocation.

Once a week the apprentices will spend the morning gathering in a cohort, with other ministries around Hamilton, to explore the theological foundations that ministry is grounded in. This will include a reading assignment, written responses and work and attendance at group discussions.

This training is in partnership with True City, Forge Canada and instructed by Matt Pamplin (founding pastor of St Clair Community Church, Hamilton) and John Bowen (Professor Emeritus of Wycliffe College), with the help and support of many local Christian leaders.

There may be the possibility of extending the training component with additional reading to received credit towards a masters degree at a local seminary.


The Apprenticeship Program will run: May 1 2018 – April 30 2019

Under special considerations we may consider Apprentices starting January 1 2018.