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  • Alumni Update: Church Life

    Vision Forward Gala We are so thankful that so many LIFT Church Alumni were able to join us for an evening of celebrating all that God has done and continues to do at LIFT Church. It’s amazing to see what God will do when we lean in to the vision. Heart to Heart Last Friday […]

    Alumni Update: Church Life

    Baptisms On October 1 we celebrated baptisms. Eight people declared that they were committing to live their lives for Christ. It was an absolutely incredible evening to hear their stories and witness them make this commitment. We are so excited to see how God continues to work in their lives! Simple Churches We’ve got 23 […]

    Alumni Update: Church Life

    Fall Kick-Off This past Sunday was the Fall Kick-Off for LIFT Church at Brock and McMaster. Both campuses have been busy with campus outreach and it was amazing to see the fruit of that with so many new faces at church. Leadership Retreat  LIFT Church Brock and McMaster met up for our annual retreat in […]

    Alumni Update: Church Life

    The Campuses Throughout the summer we have been seeing more and more people coming out to church! We have had the opportunity to serve student leaders and incoming first years at different conferences and are looking forward to the new relationships that are starting to grow. If you want more details about what we have […]

    Alumni Update: Church Life

    McMaster Brunch & Learn #2 tackled the topic of peer mentorship head on through how to listen, affirm, and ask the tough questions. On June 25, we celebrated as four people were baptized at LIFT. It was an awesome to hear their stories about how they came to know Jesus and are now committing their […]


    One month down, 3 more to come! Campus Life: Posters are up, stickers put on packets of gum, and pancakes have been served! Even though campus is much quieter during the summer months, there are still students to reach. We’ve been busy brainstorming at LIFT about how we can reach more people on campus during […]

    Although Hamilton has seen extensive growth and rejuvenation throughout multiple areas in the city, a number of neighbourhoods are still struggling. We at LIFT have a heart to serve these communities and let them know that they are not forgotten. Levi is a Concurrent Education student interning at LIFT this summer and is passionate about […]

    The Person behind the Alumni Newsletter

    It’s round two for the Alumni Newsletter and I wanted tell you all a little bit about myself, one of the faces behind these newsletters! I just finished my third year at McMaster in Nursing and am pretty excited to be staying in Hamilton for the summer! I grew up on a farm outside of […]


    Summer has begun!! Serve Our City: Serving won’t stop with the summer heat, it’s going to increase! Pinky Lewis Tuesdays is dedicated to serving the families in the Gibson neighbourhood and will becoming weekly on May 9th. We are still going strong with Westside dinners for people in the Strathcona neighbourhood and will be moving […]

    Stuck on Creativity

    Have you ever tried to do something new? Have you ever looked at an artist, musician or company that’s created something that feels fresh, something that feels “new” and felt like they’ve achieved the impossible? We can desire to be creative yet stall out in the process because we’re afraid of not being authentic, or […]