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  • Church Is About More Than Personal Preferences

    By Ben Bedecki   Helping each of us understand that we have a role at church and that we are a part of something bigger than any one of us individually is probably one of the things which LIFT Church and its leadership does best – whether by teaching about it directly or as a […]


    By Jeffrey Driediger   Over the course of the past month or so, I have come to a place of realizing a deep need in myself that was not being fully actualized. I had been living from a place that was lacking deep intimacy. I had been feeling a need for someone to tell me […]

    How God Molded the Servant In Me

    By Levi Furber   Mark 10:43-45 (NIV) Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a […]

    God’s Unconditional Love

    By Shane Park   Being an only child, I was really lonely. There were times I would just lie on my bed looking at the white ceiling, picturing constellations in the bright of day. Having Korean parents didn’t help my English at the age of 5, and that certainly didn’t help with making friends in my […]

    Love In → Pride Out

    By Steven Balamut   Pride, the strange compulsion of needing to be the best, the most correct or most self-reliant person in the room. It comes just as fast as it leaves, or can hold onto you for a long time. Once the feeling of pride leaves, we are often left confused by the motives of […]

    I Am Weak. But I Am Enough.

    By Josh Reinders   For a long time I have struggled with where my value comes from. I see what the definition of strength and success are in the world around me and I’ve gone looking for those things in my own life; my athletic ability, a girlfriend, my intelligence, my friendships, my successes in work. […]

    Having No Family In The Church

    By Justin Webb   It feels a little bit alien to not have any family in the Church, never having grown up in it (I wasn’t raised religious, I’d never attended a church service in my life until a little under a year ago). I feel like I’m missing out on a universal experience that everyone […]

    Leading From The Middle

    By Gordon Vanderwoude   I am not sure why, but conversation on Sunday nights at LIFT sometimes feels stilted, as though being at church makes me feel less free to talk honestly than I normally would. Whether that feeling originates from within or without I will set-aside for now. But whatever the cause may be, […]

    Trust In The Lord

    By Jesse Z. King   What is dependability? To say one is dependable is to say that they are worthy of trust and have repeatedly proven themselves worthy of that trust. Dependability is a concept I have a deep love/hate relationship with. On one hand I have friends and family members that I depend on, […]

    Weak Made Strong

    By Josh Reinders What is vulnerability? It’s generally regarded as being exposed, or being made open to be hurt. Often talked about in terms of a relationship, the concept of vulnerability is often used to describe a moment when one person puts trust in another and opens up about something that they are struggling with […]