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  • H2H: The Study – Spiritual Disciplines: Silence

    By: Laura Wallar The spiritual discipline of silence is likely one of the most counterintuitive disciplines for our North American culture. Through the rapid advancement of technology we have gained access to and expect immediate responses from our friends, family and those we work with, but we have lost the ability to understand and appreciate […]

    H2H: The Study – Who boldly project light into the darkest of places

    By: Jessica Burns We’re seated at a table and she won’t meet my eyes. She exhales. One long, extended breath. As if with that one breath she can rattle and hopefully shake loose the truth that long ago crawled beneath her skin. Rooting. Intending to call her bones home. She lifts up her head. The […]

    H2H: The Study – Who shout loudly in the face of injustice

    By: Melanie Clarke Text: Luke 10:30-37 In Luke 10, Jesus uses the parable of the Good Samaritan to show us who our neighbours are. And the truth is, we are called to treat everyone as our neighbour. The story of the Good Samaritan is about making the choice to be a selfish neighbour or a […]

    H2H: The Study – Let us be women who embody life in its fullest

    By: Jade Pitts If we are to embody life in its fullest I think we first need an understanding of what it means to embody something. If I were to give a definition of what it means to embody, I would say it’s embracing something with all we have, giving 100% of ourselves, without hesitation […]

    H2H: The Study – Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation

    By: Doreen Abraham You have most likely heard or used the word meditation before. Maybe you have even practiced it. Likely thoughts of sitting cross-legged, closing your eyes, and repeating a phrase over and over come to mind *cue peaceful flute music with waterfall sounds*. Meditation is often described (or practiced) as emptying one’s mind […]

    H2H: The Study – Who live without borders and walls

    By: Doreen Abraham I recently started playing squash. At first I was picturing myself pulling a Lorelei & Rory from Gilmore Girls – you know, wearing sweatbands and protective goggles all ready to go, only to hit myself in the head with the ball and spend the rest of the time sitting on the floor, […]

    H2H: The Study – Who embrace the real, the messy, and the difficult

    By: Emily Litow Text: Ruth 1:1-17 So often in church life we hear buzzwords surrounding community. We’re not just friends, we’re ‘doing life, while ‘living authentically’ with ‘transparent vulnerability’, in our ‘organic relationships’ and things of that nature.  But what happens when life gets messy? What happens when it’s hurtful and challenging? What happens when […]