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  • Are you Ready?

    By Caitlin West A few weeks ago, while serving in the remote Northern Ontario community of North Caribou Lake First Nation, my team was asked to sing during the church service. As we approached the stage ready to sing, the pastor turned to us and in broken English said “Testimonies.” Testimonies? After some translation by […]

    Although Hamilton has seen extensive growth and rejuvenation throughout multiple areas in the city, a number of neighbourhoods are still struggling. We at LIFT have a heart to serve these communities and let them know that they are not forgotten. Levi is a Concurrent Education student interning at LIFT this summer and is passionate about […]


    Heart to Heart started with a simple goal – to create a space for women to connect with each other. We strive to be a group of women that encourage and challenge each other to live out their God-given potential, to be transparent and honest in all we do, and to support and stand together […]

    Leading is uncomfortable.

    A year ago I sat down with two of our guys, Brian and Jon, who asked me “how do we preach a message?” They had just stepped up to lead a new initiative with our men, that would become known as Forged, and were trying to figure out how to do it. In many ways […]

    We are not done yet.

    The last week has been a week of stark contrast. Last week alone our team planned and executed four major events on two different campuses reaching thousands of people in addition to our regular Sunday services. Cooking pancakes with Red Frogs, handing out chocolate for Easter, and gathering as men and women to build community […]

    The Spark (What is this space?!)

    This space is governed by a very basic, yet very profound principle: Truths and ideas need to be shared. While this is a simple idea it is actually three concepts tied together. The first is that “truth and ideas matter”. This first idea may seem self-evident at first but it is profound. The Church is […]

    Joe’s Story

    At the end of his time abroad in Canada, Joe Hensey shares about his year at Lift. Talking about drinking culture back home in England and his struggle with living two different lives, Joe opens up about how his year in Canada, and his time at Lift affected his faith journey.