Alumni Update: Church Life

Brunch & Learn #2 tackled the topic of peer mentorship head on through how to listen, affirm, and ask the tough questions. On June 25, we celebrated as four people were baptized at LIFT. It was an awesome to hear their stories about how they came to know Jesus and are now committing their lives to Him!

170625 Baptism

Summer mode is strong and steady at Brock University with Hikes, Sports Nights, Bonfires, and BBQs. They are on the ground engaging in the students staying in St. Catharines for the summer and those in the community too! The Goal: that no one does summer alone!

Heart to Heart
It’s been just under a month since the 20 women spent the weekend together learning about what their spiritual gifts are, how to use them, and how to hear God’s voice. So many barriers were broken over the weekend which led to new and deeper friendships being formed. The plans for next year’s retreat are already in the works!

h2h retreat

Forged Sessions led an opportunity to evangelize in downtown Hamilton at the beginning of the month. It was a fruitful session and pushed some of the men out of their comfort zones. They were also running a lemonade stand in Jackson Square, serving the community and seeing where conversations led!