Day 2 – The 75 Day Journey

Day 2

As mentioned in yesterdays post, we are starting a devotional journey together as a church. We are going to spend the next 75  days journeying through complete books of the new testament, and throughout that time will be posting along the way to share what we got out of our reading for the day. If you missed that post, then you can find it right here. Once we get through our first week you can look forward to blog devotionals right here, just like this, on monday, Thursday, and Saturday, and these are simply aids to help you see the scripture from maybe a new perspective. 

First of all if you haven’t read John Chapter 1  yet, go on ahead and give it a read, this is genuinely the easiest time you will have catching up.

So if you haven’t already read it… go ahead right now and read John 2

Now in the chapter we read yesterday (or today) John ( the writer of this gospel) is setting the stage, and conveying to us that Jesus is more than a simple man, but is in fact God.

The chapter starts with him saying “in the beginning” This phrase would be understood by a jewish audience to be alluding to Genesis. The story of creation. So for John to start off his gospel writing “In the beginning…” there is a sense of a new creation, a new beginning, a fresh slate, and it’s because of this word. The word that was, and was with God, and is in fact God – this word that put on flesh and became a person named Jesus – is our new beginning.

So when we pick it up in Chapter two Jesus has picked some disciples, and they are hanging out at a party. It was customary at weddings like this – it wasn’t just one crazy night where they had drank all the wine and Jesus needs to help everyone get hammered.

No, a wedding like this would have been a multiple day affair, and from what we read the boys are sorta tagging along with Jesus mom.

When Mary comes up to him and says “Jesus they are out of wine.” Jesus gives a seemingly cold response…. what does that have to do with me?


It has nothing to do with Jesus ministry, or his time on earth if these people are out of wine. Either they were poor planners, drunks, or their guests didn’t help out like they were supposed to. They could have rationed better, done more to save it! IT’S NOT JESUS’ PROBLEM!

You can sort of picture his mom rolling her eyes, turning to the servants, and being like “ Do what he asks.”

And then Jesus performs his first miracle, turning 100 gallons of water into wine. Not just wine! THE BEST WINE! They wonder why they weren’t drinking this wine sooner, and, even though he didn’t have to and it had nothing to do with him….He works a miracle to provide an abundance of the best wine for the people to enjoy, and celebrate – but the point was that Jesus gets the glory. The power of Jesus is revealed by working with natural things, that had nothing to do with him.

What I love about this is how this miracle worked.

There was a need, and even though it had nothing to do with Jesus he meets the need.

But he doesn’t just meet the need by making wine appear. No. He works through what the servants have. Almost as if Jesus is saying: “Hey, bring me what you have… I’ll work with that.”

When we have need…. I wonder if we assume Jesus will just stop at “What does that have to do with me?”

you know what I mean? Sometimes we’re like; “Well God doesn’t care about my relationships, he doesn’t care about my finances, or me enjoying my life…….. So why ask… why ask for him to move, or provide, or bring blessing?”

OR MAYBE you drank all the wine! You messed up, you failed… and now you are in a jam, but you’re like… GOD WON’T CARE!

Note that Jesus doesn’t say “I don’t care” – because he does care.

Even if your circumstance has nothing to do with him; because it has something to do with you, (even if you messed up, even if it seems trivial) he can say “Ok, bring me what you got, I can work with this.”

And when we bring our water, (our natural, our regular) to God – whether it’s our fault or not that we’re in a jam, no matter how little it has to do with him: Jesus moves using what we bring him to bring breakthrough, and be given glory, honour, and praise.

I pray that whatever you are going through, whatever challenge you are facing, that you’re first response will be to bring your stuff before Jesus. Ask him to work with it. And, when God moves in that circumstance, you see it for what it is and give him the glory he deserves.

Have a great night church – See you tomorrow.

-P. Matt