Day 21 – The 75 Day Journey

John 21

I’m not very good at fishing and it’s probably due to my lack of experience, but when I have gone fishing it helps to have someone with me who has that experience and expertise in catching fish. In John 21, The disciples have decided to go fishing for the night. Unfortunately they have no luck and come up empty handed. As morning comes, Jesus appears on the shore and calls out to the disciples. This is the 3rd time appearing m since His resurrection. He asks them have you caught any fish? And they reply no. Jesus follows this by instructing them to cast their nets on the right side of the boat. They obey and are immediately rewarded with too many fish to even haul in. At this time Jesus has just resurrected and is beginning to lay the ground work for his disciples and us today, before he ascends to Heaven. We are very familiar with the term “fishers of men” but what does that mean? Jesus has called each one of us in every aspect of our lives to be fishers of men. To go out and preach the good news of God’s love and forgiveness and reach the lost. In our workplace, school, and day-to-day lives we are all called to go “fishing”. But what good is fishing with out the guidance of where to fish and what fish are ready for catching?

The disciples spent all night fishing without any success, not for lack of effort, but because they failed to go to the right place. More importantly, Jesus is showing that the disciples, and we as his disciples today, need to rely on HIM, to be fishers of men. HE is the reason we are trying to reach people who don’t know there is a God who loves them completely. When that reason isn’t at the heart of our “fishing” things go south. We have to be mindful that the image of our “church group” or how “cool it is at our church” doesn’t become the reason to increase the numbers of people who are coming out. GOD and the eternal life HE offers through the death of His son Jesus on the cross is the reason. When we focus on Jesus and point all of our success and every aspect of our church and life to Him, He can continue to overwhelm us with more people than we can even contain at Brock and McMaster in the weeks, months, and years to come! As the summer ends and a new fall launch grows closer and closer this should become our prayer. That all our actions would point to Christ and enable us to be fishers of the multitudes that will come our way in the next year.