Day 3 – The 75 Day Journey

John 3

Hey guys!

Hope you are all doing stellar; today is a little devotion based off of John 3.

Alright, so we know that this chapter split this chapter in two scenes:

one being Jesus’ lecture/teaching/lesson/etc. to Nicodemus

and then, John testifying about Jesus round 2; however, we are going to focus on the later half of the passage that deals with John the Baptist.

So Jesus and crew are rolling out to the countryside to hang out and baptize people. John is also in this area doing the exact same thing which sparks a little argument within his disciples regarding why Jesus was getting more baptism requests than John was. John’s reply from verse 27 to 30 is absolutely profound and is a great example of surrendering authority. John, as a human, fully understands where he stands in the drama of Scripture, and obediently fulfills his calling as the one sent before Christ in order to prepare the way for Him and exalt Him.

John goes on till the end of the chapter explaining to his disciples the authority and capacity of wisdom and knowledge that Christ has over John and every other creation throughout the history of time. John gives it to his disciples straight that if you accept Christ, there is salvation, but bad news if he’s rejected.

What we can take out from John’s character is his diligent work and his self-awareness. These two skills are essential for everybody in the world; it shows a deep sign of maturity and potential for further growth. If we read about Nicodemus earlier in the chapter, and take a look at John while doing so; we can see that both characters were indeed people of power and authority prior to Jesus but have humbled themselves because they knew that Jesus was the one they’ve been waiting for their entire lives. I feel like we can often find ourselves in a place where we “know it all” and that can indeed be a possibility because as John said, those under the earth will only know everything under the earth from the perspective of an earth resident. This is where we need to take a step back and think for a couple moments, we need to humble ourselves and let God speak, because if we don’t then we’ll be no longer teachable and reach a plateau, which is the worst outcome for us. Another thing I picked up on was the Trinity being represented in this passage; John states that the power of the Holy Spirit strengthens Christ, but also that the Father has ENTRUSTED HIM EVERYTHING; which pretty much makes Him God of course. We need to lift Him up and let go of our pride; our lives are beyond ourselves and are best utilized when they are in the service of others.

Right now God wants to use you to be a reflection of Christ and spread love onto the world, starting from your home town or current residence. Let this passage be a reminder of what Christ has done for us and why. Let us remember that He needs to be lifted up and praised in our lives, this is a holistic calling so let us praise Him with our hearts, minds, and bodies. To be born again of water and Spirit are declarations that your life will be for Christs and share in His suffering.

Let’s pray:

Father I thank you for who you are and what you’ve done. I thank you for your patience, forgiveness, blessing, and provision up until now. Lord teach me how to use my life to worship you, help me get together with godly people so I can be in community and strengthen my own faith. Teach me to humble myself and let go of my pride when there are others who need to be lifted up. You are all-mighty, all-omnificent, all – powerful, and all – loving. Thank you.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

– Jonny