Day 8 – The 75 Day Journey

Hey guys, today we will be looking at John 8, now in this chapter we got a couple different conversations, or shall I say, thematic discussions, going on here. Ultimately what’s going is Jesus apologetically defending his claim to be the Son of God to the Pharisees who make a futile attempt to shut him down. This little argument commences upon Jesus saying that he is the light of the world and whoever follows him will never walk in darkness but in the light of life; the Pharisees try to call out on Jesus for being his own witness lest having a invalid testimony. Jesus responds with an existential statement by saying “I know where I came from and where I am going. But you have no idea where I come from or where I am going.” We need to grasp that Jesus, being an equal component of our triune God, knowing where he comes from and where he goes already trumps our human comprehension; this is because as humans, we can say that we came from a womb (or go down to the formation of an embryo if you must) and eventually go to the grave. We only know what happens between these two major points of human life; now Jesus on the other hand, transcends human birth since He is God with an incomprehensive origin, and assuredly sits at the right hand of God plus comes again in the second coming (which is quite a while off from this dispute with the Pharisees).

We can read in John 1 that in the beginning the word was with God and the word was God and then the word was made flesh in Christ. Human life on average spans over 80 years on average; Jesus’ life is eternal. This is where we see the split between human standards and Jesus standards; He is playing in a whole different ballpark than we are. Another thing we need to realize is that Jesus is sinless and perfect; if we look at the primary function of sin, we see that it’s missing the mark that God intended us to aim for and consequently severs our relationship with Him a little. When our relationship with God is flimsy and half dead, we can find ourselves at a point where our discernment is super flawed and can’t necessarily tell the Holy Spirit, our own thoughts, and heaven forbid, other spirits apart. Jesus being sinless means that He has the perfect relationship with the Father and through the Holy Spirit can hear from Him perfectly without flaw. This is all to say that Jesus having the Father as a witness is completely true and valid because Jesus is in complete sync and harmony with the other persons of God.

Jesus then goes on to explain that we who have sin cannot enter where he is going, this is because where the full presence of God is, sin cannot come near. This principal is exactly why Lucifer had to be casted down from Heaven instead of being granted the opportunity for some disciplinary correction. Jesus urges the crowd to acknowledge them, not necessarily for his sake, but for the sake of the Pharisees and all around them since they are the ones who are going to die in their sin if they do not accept Christ’s redemption. We need to figure out two things here; one being the magnitude of God and how great He is; we cannot fathom how big and timeless he is; the all knowing, all being, and just ALL. Then there are us little ants that God calls His greatest creation and loves us; which to me still sounds so bizarre. That is His all loving nature, love that we find almost crazy and nonsensical; but God does it anyways.

Being a slave to sin is the most painful bondage that we endure here on Earth, and as mentioned before it is the force that prevents us from fully uniting with God. The only way to battle spiritual power is with spiritual power; so what’s needed to relieve us and defeat the spirit of darkness is the spirit of light, which in other words, is the Holy Spirit. From verses 42-47 Jesus talks about the devil’s infection that puts human discernment into disarray. Falling into the devil’s lies will make us obedient to him and further disconnects us from God. This is why we need to fight against sin with all of our force because even though a white lie poses no threat to anyone, it still feeds the devil and harms our spiritual health. Jesus’ remark on belonging applies to all, we either belong to God or not; similarly how one cannot serve two masters.

Back to Jesus’ origins, this is why He can confidently declare that He came before Moses, since Moses was indeed human and falls into the human standard of life, death, and perception, whereas once again, Jesus proves that He is indeed transcendent from our plane of thinking. Jesus also questions the Pharisees motives since Moses wouldn’t try to harm or question Jesus, but they are. A simple equation we can follow is if God the Father came before Moses, then so did Jesus and the Holy Spirit for they are also God.

In conclusion, we cannot fully understand a lot of heavenly material, and it’s completely okay not to; Christ offers us salvation and a chance to fight against our crippling sins through the Holy Spirit, signifying that He will always be with us through our struggles and successes. Let’s all take hold of the knowledge that God, in a way, indeed dwells within us today and forever.

Heavenly father we come to you knowing that you are far beyond the expectations of our imagination, you are the almighty that decided to create little organisms like us and care for us as your own children. Lord let us never forget what you did on the cross and how you rose from the grave; let your Holy Spirit continue to convict us of our wrongdoings and reconnect us with You. I pray that spirit filled guidance will always appear as You deem necessary, let us continue to battle this spiritual war through the power of your Spirit and come into Your presence once again. In the name of the Father ,the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.