Five or Less : A Devotional Countdown to LIFT Conf

Hey Church, This is going to take 5 minutes (or less)  to read.

I hope that as we head into what is set to be yet another incredible year in the life of our church, that you are filled with a sense of expectancy and excitement. Even more so I hope that as conference is rapidly approaching you are excited for what God is going to do in your life and the life of our church.

Or maybe you aren’t.

Maybe you don’t feel like last year was great.

Maybe in this moment you feel like that opening block was cheap and trivial.

So here’s the question; How’s your heart?

The truth is that God did some incredible things in the life of our church last year, and the truth is that we are expectant for him to do even greater things this year. However, sometimes that doesn’t resonate with us and in our own personal lives, it can feel like there is a struggle. Maybe life was hard last year, and when people say things like “Come expectant for God to move.” We can shrug our shoulders and say “maybe for someone else.” Or maybe as we head into conference you feel like “what’s the big deal.” or “it won’t be that good.”

If that’s how you feel, then maybe that’s an indication that your heart is hurting, or tired, or hard. The good news is that we not only serve, but are in an “abba father” relationship with a loving and caring father who not only has the ability to touch your heart but the desire as well. God’s desire for you is not that you have to endure your faith, but that you enjoy every minute of your relationship with him. Even when life is hard, that you are able to draw from him and have an inner joy and satisfaction.

We are praying that this conference is a time of stoking the fire of your passion, fanning into flame the gifts that God gave you, a time of being renewed, and released. We want you to come into conference knowing that you are going to be met by God and that you will walk out of that place changed forever. We are believing for big things in your life, and we want YOU to have an expectancy walking into to conference that God is going to do something huge in YOU!

But it starts with your heart. The Psalmist David recognized that if his heart wasn’t right before God, it led to all sorts of problems. In fact, he recognizes that it was an issue of his heart that led him to sleep with Bathsheba and kill her husband (along with a bunch of other innocent soldiers) 2 Samuel 11: 23 -25

23“The enemy came out against us in the open fields,” he said. “And as we chased them back to the city gate, 24 the archers on the wall shot arrows at us. Some of the king’s men were killed, including Uriah the Hittite.”

25 “Well, tell Joab not to be discouraged,” David said. “The sword devours this one today and that one tomorrow! Fight harder next time, and conquer the city!”

HE SHRUGS IT OFF! And it takes a prophet named Nathan telling him off for him to realize that he had been wrong.

His heart was a mess, and it was causing his life to be a mess.

So look how David responds to God when he realizes;

Psalm 51:10-12

10 Create in me a clean heart, O God.

    Renew a loyal spirit within me.

11 Do not banish me from your presence,

    and don’t take your Holy Spirit[d] from me.

12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation,

    and make me willing to obey you.

David is one of the most revered kings of the Old Testament, he was known as a man after Gods’ heart. Which is to say that he was pursuing the heart of God in his own life.

So whether you feel like your heart is a mess, or you feel like you are on top of the world – this devotional is for you.

Conference is in 5 Days, so we are going to do a 5-day devotional called 5 or less.

The idea being that the devotional will take 5 minutes or less, that we will be 5 days out of less, and that as we count down to the conference you will be more and more expectant for God to do something in your life.

Over these next ten days, if you want to walk into conference ready to hit the ground running I challenge you in the following

  1. Set aside 5 minutes to read the daily devotionals we put out.

They will take 5 or less.

  1. Go deeper in your own personal Bible reading

We are going to add some passages for you to read in your own Bible. But remember, the Bible is not simply a historical account. It is God speaking to you here and now! For today! So take another 10 or so (especially if your Bible reading has been a little lacking (it happens)) to dig into your Bible.

3. Go deeper in your Prayer life.

Remember, prayer is not you venting to an empty room. You are talking to your father and your saviour who cares more deeply for you than you can know. Remember when you pray that you are talking to someone who is listening, and not only wants to do something about what you’re praying about, but can.

4. Fast

We don’t often challenge people to fast at LIFT Church. But, there is something powerful about fasting and praying. The bible shows us time and time again that people who are looking for breakthrough fast and pray. That people who need to hear from God or have a touch from God fast and pray. When people are interceding or praying on behalf of others, they fast and pray. It is powerful to shift something in us, and in others. Jesus fasts and prayers when he goes into the desert, and in Matthew 6:16 he doesn’t say “If you fast.” no he says “WHEN you fast […]” So for the next five days would you consider fasting and praying for the conference.

So there it is. Get Ready for whats going to be an amazing couple of days, and an even more amazing conference.

Are you ready church?

We serve and are in relationship with the most amazing God. He loves you more than you could possibly know, and regardless of where your heart is at, he wants to change you and transform you to be more like him.

P. Matt

Additional Reading: Psalm 51