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january 26, 2018 | Forged Sessions

february 07, 2018 | Forged For Community

march 10, 2018 | Forged Marquee


Genuine Nights are all about community, food, and teaching. Genuine Nights provide a culture of openness, joy, and laughter, where men of the church and community can gather to meet new brothers, to build existing relationships, and invest into each other’s lives. Invite a friend or three!

Forged For Community nights are opportunities for the men of the church to serve the community. At LIFT Forged, we believe in opening our ears and lending a hand to those in need. There are always needs in the cities that we live in, and we are simply making ourselves available to serve through the love of Jesus. In the past, we’ve served at Indwell, 541 Eatery & Exchange, Mark Preece Family House, and served hot chocolate/lemonade in downtown Hamilton. Join with us and see firsthand how God is moving in our cities, and in turn, allow Him to move through you!

Forged Sessions: Each of us all have unique passions and desires rooted in our hearts by God. Whether it’s art, sports, music, food, or evangelizing, the beauty of it is that there are others in the church and community who share similar passions. Forged Sessions allow guys to attend a session that is tailored to you! If God has placed a passion in your heart and you would like to lead a session of your own, please please get in touch with the leadership team! (see below)

Forged Retreat was a three day, two night camping trip to Valens Lake Conservation Area that happened on July 21-23. There was teaching, praying, worshipping, and enjoying activities with the men of the church in the outdoors. The theme of the event was “Forge Ahead”. Talk to the Forged leadership if you’re interested and learning more about how it was and how to prepare for next year!


Forged exists to invest into the lives of our brothers of the Church and community through the love of Jesus Christ, and the gracious movement of our glorious God. We are a group of men inspiring one another to serve humbly, work passionately, and live purposely.

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If you would like to join the Forged leadership team, please get in touch with us:
Jon | jon@liftchurch.ca
Brian | brian@liftchurch.ca