H2H | The Vision

Let us be women who love deep, and high, and long, and wide,
Who live with our arms and our hearts wide open,
Who live in brave vulnerability with each other.

Let us be women who embrace the real, the messy, and the difficult,
Who live without borders and walls,
Who welcome the broken and breathe comfort into tender places.

Let us be women who embody life in its fullest,
Who shout loudly in the face of injustice,
Who boldly project light into the darkest of places.

Let us be women who embrace our giftings and unique callings,
Who say enough to living lives of insecurity and scarcity,
Who live with a firm conviction that we are more than enough.

Let us be women who boldly live as daughters of the Most High,
Who never cease praying, dreaming, hoping and leading,
Who are marked by love and for love.

We are holy
We are blameless
We are chosen
We are free

We are a force unseen.