Alumni Profile: Heather deBoer

After leaving McMaster and LIFT in 2014, I did a 1 year internship with the campus ministry Athletes in Action at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. It was an awesome opportunity to see how God could use my life experiences to share my faith and encourage and challenge other student athletes in their faith journeys. At the same time, I grew in my own relationship with God and developing skills in ministry and evangelism.

I moved to Toronto in August, 2015 where I have been completing my Masters in Physical Therapy. I will have my last internship in August at the Toronto Rehab Institute working with patients who have acquired brain injuries. In the future, I hope to work in neuro physiotherapy.

When stepping into a number of new and somewhat intimidating internships this year, I found comfort in knowing that God is the Ultimate Healer and that I have the privilege of representing Him to the patients I encounter.

I love my church here in Toronto, Trinity Life Church, and I have enjoyed serving at the church, and with the church in lower income communities, as well as being involved with a small group. Like LIFT, Trinity Life has a passion for seeing everyone in the church using their gifts for Kingdom purposes.

The past several years have included some of the most challenging and encouraging moments in my life. I am grateful that God continues to remind me of His love and grace, and the identity He has given me as His daughter. When I rest in this identity, I am then prepared to live as He leads.