Heart to Heart started with a simple goal – to create a space for women to connect with each other. We strive to be a group of women that encourage and challenge each other to live out their God-given potential, to be transparent and honest in all we do, and to support and stand together through whatever life brings. (Who we are)

A New Season

In March 2016 Heart to Heart had its 7th event since the ministry was first started in 2013! In that time, hundreds of women have gathered to discover purpose, find community, and journey through life together.

As our church has grown, H2H has grown. In addition to hosting two marquee events every year, we gather every six weeks for H2H: Table Talk – an event where women from all over Hamilton and St. Catharines gather over food and have intentional discussion. Table Talk has created space for friendships to grow and transparency to flow (and some incredibly tasty food to be shared!).

I feel as though I see a glimpse of God’s heart in the community of women that has grown at LIFT Church since H2H started, and without a doubt that always makes my eyes fill with joyful tears. My mind is truly blown and my heart skips a beat when I think about what God has done in the last few years, and it is crazy to think that the best is yet to come!

What’s next?

My hope is that Heart to Heart will not just stay within the four walls of our gatherings. We do not exist to build a brand or be a trending topic, but to love whoever comes through the doors of our church and lives. I love the times we gather as a big group and celebrate the community of women we are, but if that’s where it ends, we have missed the point. The heart of God is to take what has been cultivated among us out into the world. This transcends to whatever sphere of life we find ourselves in every day – at work, school, home, out on the field, the grocery store, walking along the street, etc. – these are the places where we are called to bring God’s love, grace and mercy.

THIS is where our purpose is found: “You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. ‘ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” (Matthew 22:37-39)

This is what #IamH2H is all about

#IamH2H is not about being “H2H” – it’s about being found in God’s redemptive love and grace. It is knowing that you are beautiful, you are a conqueror, that you are chosen and blameless, that your past doesn’t define you, and your shame doesn’t hold you back! It’s about spreading the good news of Jesus’ love and the life of freedom that is found in Him.

The Goal

So, the goal is simple: let’s share our H2H moments! The moments when you’re out serving in the community, the weekend brunch moments with your girls, the spontaneous road trip moments, the personal devotion moments, and the not-so-glamorous all night study sessions. I believe that it is in these normal, every day moments that lives can be changed. The goal isn’t to show off or compete with each other, but rather to share with, to encourage, and to rejoice with one another. How cool would it be if we completely took over #IamH2H on social media, and people would be encouraged seeing that there is a group of women out there doing life the right way?!

Let’s go BE all that H2H exists for. There is a world out there that we are called to love, and there is a group of women here that have your back!

P.S. To get connected visit engage.liftchurch.ca & for a list of upcoming events click here