Introducing: LIFT Alumni

Today, we are so excited to announce the launch of the LIFT Alumni Network. This network intends to foster relationships within the broader LIFT community, extending beyond our campus churches at McMaster and Brock.

Through the Alumni Network you are now able to:

  • Access online resources
  • Submit prayer requests
  • Find a LIFT Alumni near you
  • Get help finding a church in your area
  • Access alumni news updates
  • Access the monthly “Alumni Digest” newsletter

In the newsletter we’ll be discussing faith related and post-grad topics, as well as highlighting an Alumni of the Month. We’re open for article submissions, so if you’re interested in writing for LIFT, drop us a line.

We want to thank all the alumni who have been such a crucial part of building God’s church. We’re so happy to continue to walk with you as you step into new seasons of life.

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