Jonathan Taylor

I graduated from Kinesiology at Mac in 2011. Six years ago! Hard to believe. I finished and didn’t have a clear understanding of my next steps. It was a little daunting because while in university, when people asked me what I did, I told them I was a student and each conversation went fairly similarly; but when I graduated and was unemployed, I felt I had less to talk about. And so I packed a backpack and took off to travel. Little did I know that 12 months later, I would return to Canada having visited 6 continents. When I got back, I signed up for a Global Health grad program also at Mac which lasted a year. I then started a job in sales and marketing because I enjoy people and thought it was worth a go. It was a great job and taught me never to fear jumping in the deep end! Then the Lord opened up a door to my dream career and I was accepted into medical school. I’ve got a year left in medicine and then I’ll be released into the wild of a residency program where I’m hoping to specialize in Family/Emergency Medicine.

Since graduating from Mac, I’ve found myself in a lot of fun adventures, but I’ve also been in some pretty low places too where the Lord has stretched me to trust Him in the storm. Being a human is tough, being a Christian can be really tough. I’ve been learning to try and love a God who I believe in but also wrestle with. Part of the beauty of life is learning to grow through the various paths we end up on, and the Lord certainly has taken me on some pretty meandering routes. But faith like love is a choice and I’m learning to choose to love and believe in the Lord.