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Cultivating a love of Jesus in sharp focus no matter the season, situation or circumstance.

Towards this end we are covering a diverse range of subjects that are aimed at bringing clarity in the midst of the sometimes competing worlds of business, church, the arts and academia.


Ticket Pricing: $50 (Door: $60)

Location: Lincoln Alexander Theatre

Date: January 20, 2018


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Keynote 1 & 3: Matt Tapley
Bio: Matt Tapley has been the Lead Pastor of Lakemount Worship Centre in Grimsby, Ontario since 2008.  He is a gifted leader who serves the Church by developing leaders in a culture of dependence on the Spirit with full devotion to the unchanging Word of God.  He frequently travels the nation as an insightful preacher, anointed worship leader and a keen contributor to leadership team environments.  Matt’s commitment to the Manifest Presence of God and the healing gifts of the Holy Spirit are a catalyst for stirring renewed faith for the “more” of God wherever he ministers

Matt and His wife Lisa have been happily married since August 1994.  Together they have three amazing kids – Abigail (’98), Joey (’99) and Sarah (’01).  In November of 2012, their youngest daughter Sarah died after a 3-year battle with cancer.  Accordingly, a significant dimension of their life message is declaring the relentless goodness of God even in the midst of tragedy and disappointment.  God continues to use their testimony to encourage others who are facing trials and challenges of faith.

Finally, Matt is a delusional Leafs fan and is convinced that the team is rebuilding (again).  He also enjoys riding his Harley whenever and wherever he can.

Keynote 2: Sheldon Neil
Bio: He is known for uplifting audiences with his captivating talks and powerful live music performances. He demystifies the issues facing everyday people, while leaving audiences with a spark to start living their best life is his noted passion. A TV host, international speaker, and ordained faith leader, Sheldon has been featured in ministry initiatives with world-faith leaders such as, TD Jakes. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism, and is the author of the book, “The 180° Devotional.” He is host of the TV show, “Outside the Box, with Sheldon Neil,” which airs every Friday night at 8:30pm on Yes TV. The program reaches 6.8 million Canadians. Sheldon Neil is happily married to Alicia Neil. They are proud parents to their wonderful daughter, Reigan-Sijourney. Originally from Ottawa, Sheldon and his family currently reside in Toronto, Canada.

Don Wallar – “Science & Faith: Friends & Foes”
Bio: Donald Wallar is an accomplished scientist that had been involved in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology for over 30 years. Donald has research background in Protein Chemistry and Enzymology, Molecular Biology & Immunology alongside a general knowledge of Cosmology, Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Lab Description: It is popular today to suggest that science is the only repository of truth and to characterize people of faith as naive at best or deluded and dangerous at worst.  But is this comparison valid?  We will explore questions like these:  Are science and faith irreconcilable enemies of truth or are they complementary to one another?  What do we do when the Bible and science seem to be at odds?  Where did the modern scientific method come from?  How does the concept of worldview affect how science is conducted and how does it affect how people of faith practice that faith?   What are the implications for a Christian wanting to pursue a career in science?

Wesley Huff – “Are all religions basically the same?”
Bio: Wesley Huff was born in Multan, Pakistan and spent a portion of his childhood in the Middle East. He has a BA in Sociology from York University, a Masters from Tyndale University, and is a PhD student in New Testament at the University of Toronto. While being an avid blogger, he is a contributor to the Gospel Coalition Canada, the Online Apologetics Academy, and has written numerous entries for the Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions (9th Ed.). Wesley has a passion for the study of the historical reliability of the Bible, focusing a great deal of both his personal and formal study on the academic field of textual criticism. After growing up in majority Muslim countries, his areas of interest also include inter-faith dialogue between Islam and Christianity, primarily in the textual histories of the Bible and Qur’an.
After being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition at the age of 11 that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Wes experienced a miraculous recovery that the doctors themselves said they had no medical explanation for. This experience, along with a great deal of study and soul searching in his later teens, is what solidified his interest in the subjects of faith, and engaging the beliefs and worldview perspectives of others. He has been participating in public dialogues on issues of faith, belief, and religion for the last six years. An avid athlete, during his undergrad he competed nationally as a varsity athlete on the York University track and field team. He enjoys canoeing, archery, and cats (although not all three at the same time). Wes lives in Toronto with his wife Melissa.

Lab Description: We’ve all got friends and family with religious beliefs and ideologies different from our own. At times, it seems impossible to navigate the maze of worldviews. In this session, we will consider what other religions teach, if God can be reached, and if God even wants to be found.

Kris Stawski – “Balancing Big & Small”
Bio: Hi my name is Kris Stawski and I am a mom, wife and disciple.  I love working with the church and seeing people grow in their faith.  I have the opportunity to work with many generations and seeing people embrace who they are in Christ and using their gifts, brings me great joy.  I love to spend time outdoors in the summer months, camping, walking, bike riding with my family, but in the winter my sports change to sitting by the fireplace, playing board games and watching cooking shows with my family.

Lab Descritption: Discipleship  – is the journey of a disciple making disciples, a disciple is someone that believes in Jesus’ teaching as a way of life and wants to walk with other believers on the journey.  It’s a basic concept that we, the church, are still learning to understand.  I believe discipleship and the empowerment of all believers is the key to spreading the good news of Jesus, but a key strategy for me, is to get the balance and tension right between big and small.  Large gatherings for inspiration, motivation and celebration are key to seeing the bigger picture,  but smaller gatherings of 2-20 are key to develop habits, accountability and  ask questions along the journey.  I would like to explore how each of us needs to be a part of big and small relationships and how, we as leaders’, need to prioritize how we plan for both.

Matt Pamplin – “Missional Living”
Bio: Matt Pamplin is a pastor at St.Clair Community Church in downtown Hamilton. Matt is originally from the UK (so he loves football and curry) and is married with 3 children. Matt loves Hamilton and what God is doing in the City. He has a passion for discipling people and seeing them step into the mission of God.

Lab Information: The term “missional” is a buzz word in the church today and the idea of being missional can often scare us or confuse us. It can be easy to limit the idea of mission to a certain type of program or a particular place. In this session we will be looking at what “mission” actually is and what does it look like to join God every day in his mission. How do we pay attention to what God is doing on our campus and in our city, the places we are already at?

Vijay Krishnan – “Foreigners: Thriving in a Place that Doesn’t Feel Like Home”
Bio: Vijay Krishnan is blessed to be a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jenn, father to Noah, Joel and Gideon, and Lead Pastor at Upper Room Community Church in Vaughan. Upper Room is privileged to minister in a growing city with significant ethnic, religious and economic diversity. Planted in 2005, they are committed to seeing the de-churched, unchurched and post-everything people of the GTA come to love and follow Jesus. Upper Room is actively involved in multiplying new ventures, Global Missions and fighting human trafficking in their area. In his spare time, Vijay loves to play sports with his kids, listen to loud music and snowboard on the mountain-less hills of Ontario. He is busy authoring his life and as such has not authored any books.

Lab Description: We’ve all had that experience of feeling out of place; like we don’t quite fit – at school, at work, in our family or place in life. We’re not talking about hairstyles or having the right kicks. It’s a feeling that we are at the mercy of what is going on around us, that we are powerless to do anything about the environment we are in. We can try to shake it, ignore it, escape it or curse it, but it’s an inescapable part of what it means to be human. The good news is that it’s possible to more than just survive the world you live in – we were actually meant to thrive.

Melanie Thomas – “Corporate Christians: What’s our role?”
Bio: A prairie girl at heart with a global mindset, Melanie has sought out opportunities in the corporate and not for profit sector in Canada and around the world.
Melanie has an eclectic work background. She worked at Goodmans LLP, one of Canada’s top tier corporate law firms and fought against sex trafficking with International Justice Mission in India and Cambodia.
Previous to law, Melanie worked in Business Development at Bell Canada, ran a student not for profit where she taught entrepreneurship and consulted start up companies in Russia and Moldova, worked as a radio producer in Saskatchewan and a game announcer at varsity basketball games.
She has an Honours degree in Business Administration from Ivey Business School and a Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School. Melanie has traveled to over twenty-six countries across four continents. She is currently a member of the Aga Khan Foundation’s Speaker Bureau and most recently worked at Scotiabank in Toronto. Melanie is currently transitioning into a new role. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys hip-hop and salsa dancing.

Lab Description: We’ll explore the principles that enable Christians to thrive uniquely in corporate culture. The real test is not about living out these principles in your dream job, but instead following these principles even when you don’t see purpose in your work.



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