The Person behind the Alumni Newsletter

It’s round two for the Alumni Newsletter and I wanted tell you all a little bit about myself, one of the faces behind these newsletters!

I just finished my third year at McMaster in Nursing and am pretty excited to be staying in Hamilton for the summer! I grew up on a farm outside of Waterloo so living in the city over the summer is going to be a new experience for me. I started coming to LIFT in first year (shout out to Alumni Cailin McMeekin for telling me about it!) but wasn’t all that committed in first and second year since I would still go to church at home about every other week. I decided at the beginning of third year to really get involved and be committed to LIFT through serving on Sundays and regularly attending church and simple church.

Being in Hamilton more often on weekends meant giving up hours I could have worked at home so I started a job hunt in September. By the time January rolled around, I had basically given up finding a job in Hamilton. In February, on a weekend home to work a few hours my coworker told me that she was praying that God would provide a job for me in Hamilton and one that I wouldn’t have to go searching for myself. That Sunday evening at LIFT I was encouraged to apply for LIFT’s new part-time position and by 10am on Wednesday I had a job! It’s been a true blessing to join the team at LIFT and I’ve loved the past couple of months.

As a part of my nifty little job, we have been busy rebranding our Alumni platform and the next step comes from YOU! I would love to here about what’s been going on in your lives, how God’s been working in your lives, and how we can be praying for you here at LIFT. My desire is that you as Alumni still feel connected and engaged. I hope you are reminded of your time at LIFT, whether it was a few months or a couple of years ago, and know that we want to to still be connected to the LIFT community. As a church we want to support, encourage and challenge you to follow Jesus wherever you are in the world.

Please feel free to drop me an email whenever,, and if you’re ever passing through Hamilton, come for a visit!
You are always more than welcome to join us for a Sunday evening (530 through the summer) or stop by The Rubix – LIFT Offices (61 Strathcona Ave. S.) for a coffee and to spend some time with the team.