The Report – LIFT Goes FAR North – Sioux Lookout Edition

LIFT Sioux Lookout Team: (Left to Right) Anny, Sophia, Caitlin, and Felicia.

LIFT had the amazing opportunity, February 17-21, to serve our family in the far reaches of Northern Ontario. They worked alongside a 14 person team comprised of great women and men who love to serve and have a  huge heart for Christ and people in all walks of life. This team, the Jesus is Enough Ministry Team, hosts conferences for women in locations all over Ontario.

The primary goal of the Jesus is Enough-Sioux Lookout conference is to remind the women that Jesus is enough for them no matter the situation. They are also encourage to  serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities. In fact, during the conference the women take over Sioux Lookout, they share meals, put on carnivals, and bless the community with a Free Store, where they assist people as they shop.

This year God truly went before and after us as we travelled from Hamilton all the way so Sioux Lookout, a 21 hour car ride spread over three days. The roads were clear and the weather was incredible. One of the biggest concerns was the mild weather. One of the things we take for granted in Southern Ontario are paved roads. A lot of the conference attendees and their families came in on ice roads. Ice roads are frozen lakes that have  lane way created from plowed snow, they are literally driving on a frozen lake. Thankfully, it was cold enough for safe travel over the ice roads. We thank God for that, and also that there were no major snow storms. We were blessed to have 200 ladies plus their families come to the conference in Sioux Lookout. There were some awesome moments. God was stirring in the hearts of the ladies and the team, there was even two late night baptisms in a pool at a local hotel!

The Main Free Store was held in the Gym/Auditorium of Sioux Lookout’s Calvary Baptist Church. Please note that the lens on the camera was not big enough to capture the whole store and all the provisions found in it!
The Baby Edition of the Free Store was held in the former sanctuary of Sioux Lookout’s Calvary Baptist Church. This free store was primarily for families with young babies.

The LIFT Team was in charge of the Free Store, this involved organizing all the provisions that came in on two transport trucks, planning the layout, and directing the women who were serving in the Free Store. The provisions for the store came from two main sources. The first source was from women in churches all over Ontario, they were able collect close to $20,000 in Walmart gift cards to help stock the Free Store in Sioux Lookout. The second source was Sew on Fire Ministries, they provided a lot of the clothing, toiletries, backpacks and even some sewing machines for the Free Store. We had so much stuff to sort and organize that we had to house the store in two locations. One location housed things specific to Babies, like diapers, wipes, and layettes, and the other location housed everything else. The store was emptied in roughly two hours! It was so awesome serving and seeing the joy on peoples faces.

Sioux Lookout, has a population of roughly 5,000 people and the store served just over 700 people! That is more than 10 percent of the population. The carnival served 400 kids, and that was happening on the other side of town at the same time as the Free Store. Now take a moment and think about the impact that these ladies had on Sioux Lookout. Yahoozie!! THAT IS SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME!

If you see anyone who went on the trip, I encourage you to stop and ask them all about it! Please remember to pray for our family and pastors in the North.

The LIFT & JIE Team Unloading one of two transport trucks full of provisions for the Free Store.