4 Things to (not) Procrastinate

Here are 4 things to ponder!

1) S.C.  L E A D E R S H I P

Sometimes seeing your faith grow means taking a risk. Have you ever thought about leading a Simple Church? It is guaranteed to stretch you, grow you and give you an opportunity to have a substantial impact for the kingdom and in someones life. Please get in touch with Matt or I for details!

2) B A P T I S M

Jesus commands us to be baptized if we follow him. Strong language, I know. But following Jesus starts with listening to his instructions. If you’ve found yourself having discovered the life-changing goodness of Jesus but have not been baptized then you need to be! We’re doing baptisms on January 22nd at our Birthday Party when we’ll be all together as one church! Message Matt or I for details!

3) S T A N D  F I R M

This Sunday (Tonight at Brock) we are taking up a visionary offering to see the incredible things that Jesus is calling us to in 2017 become a reality! LIFT Church has incredible things in store for 2017 and if we stand together in unity the opportunities are truly limitless! Take time this weekend and pray about how you can be generous to see the Vision Forward at LIFT Church!

4) C O N F

Conference will change you life. Guaranteed. Register here: liftchurch.ca/conf