What’s Your Move? [Vision Night]

What’s your next step? Often times in our vision for the church we don’t know the answer to that question. Vision Night is about answering that question. What would church be like if we were all-in, fully committed to the things of Jesus? What’s our next step? What’s your next step?

Are you called to lead? Are you called to serve? (Yes!) Are you passionate about business or music or research? Are you excited to see people come to know Jesus? Are you tired of seeing the church on the sidelines? Are you frustrated with your social media feed? Do you want to be a part of a solution?

Great! That’s fantastic! What are you doing with that passion?

Our walk with Jesus is about movement, it’s about motion. However, if we are not sure what direction Jesus is taking us it’s hard to know what movement looks like, what it feels like or what our role is.

In 1 Peter 2:5 we are instructed that we are all living stones as a part of a new spiritual temple. Meaning each of us (ie you) are called to see the presence of God move through us into the world. How radical is that?

If our vision of our role in church is limited to what we currently see then we are essentially limiting the capacity for God’s presence to be effective in our lives. Vision Night is about exploring the possibilities and the potential of a radical God oriented Vision.

If you are new to church, Vision Night is for you.
It’s an opportunity to find ways to discover what it looks like to be a part of a fully-alive church. Come, contribute to the vision.

It’s you’re currently on a team, Vision Night is for you.
Joining a team often starts with doing a task but it’s not about staying there. Vision Night is about looking beyond the task asking the question “Jesus, what’s the big picture?”

If you’re currently leading, Vision Night is for you.
It’s the chance to cast an even bigger picture. To envision a broader perspective to see what Jesus could do. It’s a chance to figure out the next step. You’re not called to stay where you are!

Vision Night is about finding that direction of passion and determining to take the next step.

See you Friday, March 3rd at 7PM in Hurlburt Hall at the McMaster Divinity College.